Chick Evans Memorial Golf Outing

As the leaves change color and the seasons go by, fall brings forth the undeniable fact that time passes by so quickly. Our time as Evans Scholars at Michigan State University is limited, but the memories and connections this program brings will never fade. The Chick Evans Memorial Golf Outing is one of our annual fall events, and it allows current and past Scholars to reconnect and celebrate the program that unites us all.

This year, the event occurred on Sept. 30. This marked the 46th annual Chick Evans Memorial Golf Outing, and it has maintained its purpose of being a way to celebrate the Evans Scholarship with Alumni and other individuals who help to support us each year.

Each year, our executive vice president plans the event, and for the past two years, Taylor Skelton has fulfilled that role. For her, the preparation for the outing began in February, which consisted of collecting donations from various businesses and country clubs, organizing the food, connecting with Alumni, scheduling each golf group, and more.

With such a large event, it can be a challenge to find a date that works for everyone in our Alumni and network base, but even so, we managed to solidify 130 participants this year.

“This is the only event that we host where all of the profits go directly back to our chapter,” Skelton said. “The MSU Evans Scholars appreciate each person who is able to participate in our event. The donations and profits from this event allow us to make life more enjoyable for the 80 Scholars in our chapter.”