Lives changed for the better

It is no secret that the Evans Scholarship changes lives. The relief of student debt and the ability to enroll in an accredited university allows dreams to come true. Additionally, the scholarship reaps countless benefits beyond financial aid. A few of our Scholars were willing to share their recognition of the deeper impact the scholarship has had on them:

 "The scholarship has helped me manage my time with schoolwork. Since we have a lot of time on our hands now, study hours were a great resource to get me in a rhythm."
-Grant Kroschel

"The Evans Scholarship allowed me to meet so many new people, and now when I am away at school I still feel like I am with family."
-Logan Pickard

"The Evans Scholarship is so much more than full tuition and housing. It does so much to help your future including making lifelong friends and connections that will last a lifetime."
-Justin Rheaume

"The Evans Scholarship has given me great opportunities to succeed in both my academic and social life, and I have been able to make lifelong friends with its help."
-Sam Tavolacci

"The Evans Scholarship has opened up countless doors for me, as well as connecting me with people who are like-minded, hard working, and intelligent."
-Sean Rudy

"The Evans Scholarship has opened so many doors for me: academically, socially and professionally. I would not be where I am today without this opportunity."
-John York

"The Evans Scholarship has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, allowing me to continue my love for learning and meeting lifelong friends. This opportunity ensures that I will have a chance at a successful future."
-Liz Miller

"The Evans Scholarship has given me great friends who I know I will be friends with for my whole life."
-Julie Kurilko

"The Evans Scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to be able to come to my dream school and study what I love."
-Alyssa Carnes

"This scholarship gave me an incredible opportunity to attend MSU and bring me closer to working in the medical field. It has provided me with lifetime friends and an unbelievable network of people who I can call family."
-Andrew Najor

On behalf of the MSU chapter, we would like to thank the ESF for giving us these opportunities. Our lives have been changed forever, and we are endlessly grateful.