New Scholar Day 2017

  • One of our scholars' dog Mimi celebrated her birthday on New Scholar Day!

There are currently 935 caddies attending university with the title Evans Scholar. This makes all 935 of us members of one big family. The great thing about families is they tend to grow. New Scholar Day is all about welcoming new members into the family, and that is why it is such an exciting and groundbreaking day for each Evans Scholars chapter around the country.

One of the first things WGA Director and Michigan State Evans Alum Alan Sprunk told the New Scholars, as they gathered together in East Lansing for the first time, was that at MSU when someone says, "GO GREEN!" the correct response should always be, "GO WHITE!" In addition to promoting a sense of school pride, Mr. Sprunk was able to articulate how impactful this Scholarship truly is and recognized all the new members of the Michigan State Evans Scholars family for their hard work and dedication leading up to this point. The early Saturday and Sunday rounds, the tournament rounds that went into extra holes, the cold and rainy days, all of these tough-it-out scenarios are what make Evans Scholars some of the hardest working and dedicated individuals out there.

At this year's New Scholar Day, the parents and siblings of our New Scholars were able to take a tour of the Breslin Student Events Center, where the basketball games are held, and also received a short tour of the campus. While the parents had this experience, our New Scholars were able to talk and get to know each other a little better through icebreaker activities such as the human knot, where everyone grabs a different person's hand and you have to untangle yourselves, and rock-paper-scissors entourage, where the individual that loses has to cheer on the winner in their next round until there are only two participants left going head to head. Once the ice was broken, our newest Scholars were then given necessary information regarding their first semester in the Scholarship House, as well as advice in regards to their academics and what classes they should be taking based on their major to help ensure that they will graduate on time.

A brief meeting with Mr. Sprunk, Mr. Guastella (WGA chapter director at Michigan State), and the executive board provided a time to let the parents and Scholars learn what everyone's roles are, and how all of these individuals work together to help MSU Evans Scholars succeed. This time also allowed both parents and Scholars to ask any questions that they might have about anything. After the meeting, all of our Scholars (both actives and new) and their families were able to enjoy the beautiful weather, as multiple games of corn hole and pickup basketball started up. Each family brought either a dessert or a side dish and there were hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.

New Scholar Day is a great time to meet new faces and have some quality fellowship with one another. This year at Michigan State we were able to welcome 21 new faces into the family, and we can't wait to get to know them better through summer events, and ultimately when they move in the Scholarship House in the fall. Although there is quite a bit of diversity among individuals in the Evans Scholars family, we have a common goal as described in the Evans Scholars Creed: personal growth. This amazing Scholarship truly provides the opportunity for each and every Scholar to grow in many areas of their life. Congrats to the class of 2021 on receiving this life-changing scholarship! From everyone involved at Michigan State, we can't wait to journey alongside you. Go Green!