Scholar spotlight: Alyssa Carnes

Alyssa Carnes is a sophomore here at the Michigan State University Scholarship House. Not only is she thoroughly dedicated to the four pillars of the Evans Scholarship, but she is also actively involved in her academics and extra-curricular activities on campus.

Recently accepted into the College of Education, Alyssa is a proud mathematics major with a minor in biology, qualifying for MSU’s Teacher Certification Program.

“After graduation, I hope to teach high school math or biology and work toward my master’s degree in educational administration. I would love to live in the Grand Rapids area, or up north near Traverse City. Honestly, I’d be happy wherever life brings me,” she said.

Alyssa’s passion for teaching began to grow as she entered college.

“I love learning; I think it is such an important skill. I love being a positive motivator to people and helping them get through things they never imagined! Also, I believe that education is power, and that a great way to better oneself is to find something you love, and educate yourself on it. I look at our school system in America and I see some incredible educators, and others who just see teaching as a job – I want to be someone who goes beyond the job requirements. It’s worth it, even if it only helps one kid out.”

Alyssa is also heavily involved in MSU’s Student Health Advisory Counsel (SHAC). SHAC is a student organization that plans and holds health promotion events around campus for physical, emotional, and mental health. She plans to carry on what she’s learned from this organization to her teaching experiences in the future.

Alyssa was also elected as one of MSU’s assistants to the vice president of New Scholars for this upcoming school year.

“The college adjustment was difficult for me going into my freshman year. I am excited to guide everyone and to be there for the incoming Scholars with information of what they need to know to survive the year, along with being a friend to them to ensure them that they can get through it. I hope to make sure that it is normal to feel lost, sad, or stressed out at times, but my goal is to help them adjust to those things in the best way possible. I just want them to grow to love the ES House as much as I do!” Alyssa said.

She loves that she has met so many people through the program, and that these connections came easily. She also loves our Scholar events (some of her favorites include Golf Ball and Hayride). Her love for the scholarship is rooted in her joy of being a part of something bigger than herself.

“The scholarship means so much to me. It has provided me with so much more than the opportunity to obtain a college education. It has helped my parents, with them knowing that I can follow my dreams of going to college. Because of this, I am able to follow the career path that I want. On top of which, it has given me an opportunity to be a camp counselor for the Caddie Academy this summer in Forest Lake, Illinois. Also, I am amazed by all the available support that goes beyond finances. It has changed my life!” Alyssa said.